9 thoughts on “Solo Leveling Chapter 179”

  1. I am going to say this once. If anyone can come up with a story like this and keep it going for so long, they deserve praise, even from the gods. Although that maybe a bit cheesy do to the story, I will stand by my statement until the end. Thank you for this wonderful story and the idea of having power to question even the gods. A story that traps you within it’s web of fantasy is a story that is worth reading. Hope to see something like this again in the future.

  2. Started it in 2020/2021, every week I waited for a chapter. now I’ve finished rereading again from chapter 1 to 179. it brings back memories since it is one of my first manhwa🍪have some cookies

  3. it’s my 1st manwha literally for me it’s the best story soo far and feeling sad it ended as soon 🙃💗great work and tq for making a such masterpiece


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